Little Dog Finds Mom's Scrunchie And Invents A Game All Her Own

"Ever since the scrunchies haven’t stopped flying.”

Sugar has always had a very playful personality, but she’s also super independent and enjoys playing on her own. She knows exactly how she wants to do things and doesn’t need other people getting involved and messing it up.

“She’s very playful but stubborn,” Katerina Pope, Sugar’s mom, told The Dodo. “She wants you to pay attention to her playing but doesn’t always want to play with you.”

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Katerina Pope

One day, Pope was blow-drying her hair in the bathroom and had the bottom drawer open so she could access all her hair accessories. Sugar peeked her head into the drawer and grabbed a scrunchie. Pope saw no harm in her playing with it and didn’t think much of it. After all, it was just a scrunchie. What could she really do with it?

Little did she know, that scrunchie was about to lead to the invention of Sugar’s favorite game in the whole world.

“All of a sudden a scrunchie came flying past my face and I was so confused,” Pope said. “I gave it back to her and within a minute it happened again, and then again. Ever since, the scrunchies haven’t stopped flying.”

Sugar discovered that if she pushed down on the scrunchie with her paws and pushed up with her snout, it would send the scrunchie flying. She could then chase after the scrunchie, catch it and do it all over again. It’s really quite impressive that she figured it out, and now it’s the only game she’ll play.

Katerina Pope

“She plays with them daily, unless I pick them all up, but then she whines trying to get them out of her toy box,” Pope said. “She gets scrunchies stuck all the time. In the hamper, on top of the TV, on my desk, on top of shelves and loses them over the fence.”

Sugar has tons of scrunchies that belong solely to her, and most people don’t really believe the extent of her obsession until they see it for themselves.

“I had a home organizer come and help me organize,” Pope said. “She said I had way too many scrunchies — how many does one person realistically need? I said, ‘Well, they’re Sugar’s and she loses them all the time, she likes to shoot them, so the elastic breaks and they go over the fence or in my bowl of cereal and have to be trashed.’ Then a little later, Sugar grabbed a scrunchie and started shooting it all over the room we were in. She was shocked and said, ‘I didn’t think you were serious, I didn’t believe you.’ I was like, ‘I told you!’ We had a good laugh. People don’t understand until they see it in person.”

Sugar’s scrunchie game is definitely a little quirky, but it brings her so much joy, and that’s really all that matters.

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