Dog Interrupts Soccer Match To Chew On Player's Shoe

His funny act had a very sweet outcome 💗

Usually, cleats are only worn by the players during a soccer game. But one adorable stray dog used the special footwear as his ticket into the match.

And his plan worked perfectly.

Stray dog runs onto soccer pitch
Twitter/Guardian Sport

In the middle of a Christmas Eve game between soccer teams, The Strongest and Nacional Potosi in Bolivia, a fluffy white dog named Cachito ran onto the pitch. The dog held a black Adidas cleat in his mouth and attempted to show it off to the players. 

The athletes tried to keep their attention on the game, but the pup wouldn’t be ignored. He pranced around the grass, stealthily avoiding the referees until they paused the game.

Dog interrupts soccer match
Twitter/Guardian Sport

Content that the focus was finally on him, the dog decided to lie down and began to chew on the shoe happily. The commentators couldn’t help but mention how sweet the dog appeared to be, and in just a few minutes, he became the star of the match. 

You can watch his adorable entrance here:

When a few players approached the pup, he immediately rolled over for belly rubs, soaking up the pets and attention. Then, Cachito allowed a player to carry him off the field so they could continue the match.

Nobody was sure what happened to the sweet stray until a photo surfaced on social media. Someone noticed the dog curled up outside in the downtown area, and mentioned that he looked sick.

A campaign was started to find the dog a home, but they didn’t have to look too far before Raúl Castro, one of the players for The Strongest, decided to give him a home and cover all his vet bills.

Though The Strongest won the match that day, Cachito stole a shoe and people's hearts, making him the real champion.