Dog Interrupts Soccer Game And Forces Everyone To Watch Him Pee

Absolutely zero shame 😂

Whose number one? What happened during a recent soccer match in Chile left no doubt.

It was his:

TNT Sports Chile

The game, between teams Colo-Colo and Curico Union, was tied 0-0 on Monday when things suddenly got quite a bit more interesting.

It was then, without warning, that a random dog stormed onto the pitch, prancing amongst the befuddled players like a little sports star. The referee quickly blew his whistle, bringing the match to a halt — but it didn’t exactly put an end to the action.

After eluding several fruitless attempts at nabbing him, the peppy pup then paused. Then, having captured the camera and the crowd’s full attention, he made his next move.

He peed.

One he finished his business for all to see, the dog then simply wandered away — pleased, it would seem, for having left such a memorable mark.

Where the little guy had come from exactly is anyone’s guess. But by the irrefutable laws governing dog logic, one thing is clear — that random pup is now the proud owner of a sports stadium in Chile.