Dog Insists On Joining Newlywed Parents' First Dance

It was a big day for all three ❤️

True love requires no explanation. Just ask these two newlyweds, and the adorable dog at the center of their happy new family.

Footage from the pair’s Texas wedding has been making the rounds online in recent days — and it’s easy to see why:

While enjoying what appears to be the ceremonial “first dance” as a married couple, the pair are unexpectedly joined by their adorable dog, who’d been watching from the wings. Turns out, it was a big day for all three.

As Texas Rock House, the wedding’s venue, wrote in a caption:

“I loved him first … But I love you both now.”

The video above may be brief, but as a snapshot into the union of not just two souls, but three, it hints at many happy years to come.