Dog Insists On Cuddling Dad In Water For The Sweetest Reason

“We are really inseparable" ❤️

Navó loves going on adventures with his family in the Netherlands. Whether it’s hiking or swimming, the lovable pup is always game. But even the most intrepid thrillseekers get scared sometimes — especially when there’s water involved.

So, when Navó is feeling nervous, his dad supports him in the best way possible — by giving him a big hug.

dog hugs man in water

Navó’s mom, Nathalie Weusten, is always charmed by her loving dog’s insistence on swim cuddles.

Weusten thinks Navó likes hugging because he wants to feel safe, he wants to make sure his family is safe, and, well, he just loves being cuddled.

“Navó loves to swim and is good at it, but [he] feels most secure when he is near one of us,” Weusten told The Dodo. “He hates it when one of us is too far away in the water, especially when swimming, as he thinks we might be in danger. We cuddle a lot, [so] I think it also makes him feel safe.”

dog holds man in water

Navó is no stranger to water. In fact, his dad, Donald Hillebregt, is a triathlete. Whenever possible, Hillebregt likes to bring Navó along for training sessions. Navó, who jumps at any chance to be with his loved ones, is always happy to come along.

When he’s not busy swimming, the gentle, curious dog also likes to play fetch and take in the big world around him.

“He loves to observe everyone and everything,” Weusten said. “He is very social [and] gets along well with everyone.”

dog and man sit on surfboard
Nathalie Weusten

Navó has quickly proven to be the pet they’ve always wanted. Plus, when Hillebregt is away training or participating in races, Navó is always there to provide Weusten with needed company and companionship.

“We are really inseparable,” Weusten said. “I love him so much … you could say [he is] literally my dream come true!”

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