Dog Hears Thunder And Finds The 'Perfect' Place to Hide

His family was so confused 😂

When Albus’ family suddenly realized they couldn’t find him one afternoon, they decided to look around and see where he might be hiding. They went outside and looked around for a bit, very puzzled — until they spotted a bit of floof peeking out from under their truck. 

Upon further inspection, they could see Albus’ tail hanging down from under the truck, but that was all. The rest of Albus was somehow completely hidden. 

“What in the world?” Albus’ dad said in a video of the incident. 

Somehow, Albus had completely tucked himself up under the truck. His dad bent down and could see his fluffy butt wedged in between some pipes and car parts, and then went around to the other side to confront Albus face to face. 

“Albus, what are you doing, dude?” Albus’ dad said.

Albus actually seemed very content all cozied up under the truck, and he wagged his tail as his family bent down to say hello.

As they tried to figure out why Albus was hiding under the truck, his dad remembered there had been some thunder recently — and Albus must have heard it, got scared and hid in the first place he could find.

Once they found Albus, they couldn’t help but laugh at his very strange hiding spot — and how much he genuinely seemed to love being in it.