Woman Is Shocked To See Little Dog's Disappearing Act

Now you see him. Now you don't.

This is Nugget — an adventurous pup who’s not afraid to get down and dirty while he explores the world outside.

But recently, Nugget’s willingness to embrace the less-than-clean side of life landed him with more than just a little mud on his nose.


One day, evidently not long after the lawn was mowed, Nugget went a little overboard. Rather than merely soak up the sweet smells of the freshly cut sod outside, he decided to do one better — by literally making it a part of him.

With a few eager rubs and rolls, Nugget became completely green.

Clearly, Nugget regretted nothing.

And with that, the normally white-furred pup more closely resembled a Muppet.

"We didn’t expect to see a green dog," Jennah, Nugget's owner, told The Dodo. "But he was all green."

But, for better or worse, he didn’t stay that way forever.


“Nugget was a grinch for about an hour,” Jennah wrote online. “Dish soap worked great getting the green out of the Oscar the Grouch.”

Now, it seemed Nugget was only green with envy of his formerly green self.


Fortunately for Nugget, the grass will keep growing and, in time, need to be mowed once again. Chances are, he's already looking forward to another romp around — and the opportunity to transform once more into his emerald-hued alter ego.

"That’s what he is best at," Jennah wrote.

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