Dog Has Absolutely No Idea Who Made This Mess

“I honestly thought I might have walked into the wrong apartment.”

Daisy is almost 5 years old, and most of the time she still acts like a puppy. She’s very bouncy and playful, and her favorite thing in the world is getting attention from the people she loves. 

“She's very clingy and loves to be touching us at all times,” Sierra Niswonger, Daisy’s mom, told The Dodo. “When she wants attention and cuddles, she's very persistent until we humans give in to her.”

dog cuddling
Sierra Niswonger

Whenever Daisy is left alone, she tends to get a little bored — and therefore decided to start destroying the blinds in her parents' room as a way of letting them know how annoyed she was. 

“She only destroys blinds, and it's only when she's holding a grudge against us,” Niswonger said. “She first destroyed blinds when we left her with a friend for a weekend shortly after we got her. We replaced the friend's blinds of course, but ever since then we try our best to remember to pull the blinds up when we leave.” 

dog outside
Sierra Niswonger

Recently, in order to prevent Daisy from destroying the blinds, her parents bought a static electricity mat to put in front of their bedroom door to discourage Daisy from going in. The mat is a common training technique and isn’t harmful to Daisy, but of course, she wasn’t a fan of it at all. 

Daisy decided she had to let her parents know how she felt about the mat, and since she couldn’t destroy the blinds, her only option was to destroy the house instead. 

“We got the mat about a month ago and she threw her tantrum that night without any hesitation,” Niswonger said. “I wish we had a camera in the house, I would have loved watching her reaction and the moment she decided it was time to terrorize the house.” 

When Daisy heard her dad coming in, she immediately tucked herself into her bed, determined to pretend that she had no idea how the mess happened. Of course, Daisy had not held back at all when making her mess, and when her dad walked in, his jaw literally dropped. 

dog makes a mess
Sierra Niswonger

"I opened the door, immediately stopped, backed away slowly and shut the door,” Steven Daniels, Daisy’s dad, told The Dodo. “I honestly thought I might have walked into the wrong apartment.” 

Daisy watched her dad from afar, and while she tried to remain calm, she was quickly overcome with guilt, and her reaction definitely gave her away. Well, that and the fact that she was the only one in the apartment. That was a big hint, too. 

While her parents weren’t exactly thrilled about the mess, they couldn’t stay mad at Daisy’s cute face for long. After all, she was mostly just mad that her parents were gone and she couldn’t snuggle with them, and that’s pretty adorable.

Sometimes destructive behavior can be a sign of anxiety. Make sure to contact your vet if you think your dog might be struggling.