Woman Couldn't Find Her Second Dog For Hours — Then Spots Her In The Most Obvious Place

She was hiding in plain sight 😂

As Melissa Lundstrom made her way around her house one day, she noticed one of her dogs just hanging out on a cozy rug, but quickly realized that she wasn’t quite sure where the other dog was. She began calling around for Mixie — and started to get a little worried when she couldn’t find her anywhere.

Lundstrom searched the whole house up and down, wondering where on earth Mixie could have gotten to. She searched for over an hour looking for the lost dog. Finally, she made her way back to the rug, maybe hoping that her not-lost dog could somehow lead her to Mixie — and actually, he did.

As Lundstrom looked at her other dog, she finally realized that Mixie was there too, and she’d been there the whole time.

The fuzzy black dog had been blending in perfectly with the fuzzy black rug. She was so comfy that she decided to stay right there, even as her mom ran around looking for her.

Lundstrom was so relieved, and a little annoyed, when she finally discovered where Mixie had been hiding. Mixie and her brother weren’t fazed at all. For them, Mixie was never lost. She’d been there the whole time — they were just too lazy to tell anyone about it.

Now, of course, if Mixie ever goes missing again, her mom will know exactly where to look for the fluffy, adorable, expert hide-and-seek player.