Dog Gives Owner The Cold Shoulder After Getting Unexpected New Haircut

“She’s not speaking to me” 😂

This is Roxy — a big, bouncy pup with an insatiable zest for life. And, true to form, Roxy's naturally curly hair is about as unbridled as her happy-go-lucky spirit.

"She is super sassy and fun-loving," Eris Baker, Roxy's owner, told The Dodo.

Recently, after a trip to the groomer, Roxy's super sassy side was put on full display.


Like most epically fluffy dogs, Roxy benefits from a haircut from time to time. 

Usually, when Baker takes her to the groomer, she gets a trim like this — the hair on her body cut back, with the hair on her ears and head left mostly untouched.

It's a solid look. But, as Baker discovered, it tends to lead to one little problem.


"I had some issues with her hair getting matted around her ears," Baker said. So, on Roxy's next visit to the groomer, Baker asked that they trim her ears, too.

Evidently, Roxy didn't realize there'd been a change of plans.

"She seemed super excited when I picked her up [from the groomer]," Baker said. "But when I put her in the car, I think she caught a glimpse of what she looks like and got a little upset.”

That's when Roxy gave her owner the cold shoulder:

Roxy didn't have to ask Baker to weigh in on how she thought the haircut turned out.

"I died at first when I saw her ears," Baker said. "The fact that she looks like an alpaca kills me."

After a few icy minutes, Roxy slowly began to accept that she, um, looks a little different now:

Sure, it's a little quirky. But Roxy is already warming up to her Garfunkel-esque new 'do.

(And she doesn't have to worry about matted ear hair anymore.)


Haircuts, of course, aren't permanent, so it won't be long before Roxy regains her natural shagginess. But the next time Baker brings her in for a trim, she plans on requesting this new look for her again.

"It just fits her so perfectly," Baker said. "It’s kind of like her trademark now."