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Dog Sneaks Into Bathroom And Learns Why He's Not Allowed In There

“Hopefully he’s learned his lesson (but I’m almost sure he hasn't)" 😂

Rocky has been with his family since he was just a puppy, and they’ve always described him as a friendly giant. He loves his human siblings and is always so gentle with them, and is scared of things like pheasants and fireworks. He’s such a gentle soul — but sometimes, he likes to explore and get into things he shouldn’t. 

When Rocky was left home alone recently, his mom knew he would sneak upstairs and have an adventure, but hoped that he wouldn’t find too much trouble to get into. 

“Rocky is not allowed upstairs but he literally goes there every time he’s home alone,” Gosia Zywicka Neto, Rocky’s mom, told The Dodo. “He knows that’s where the cat food is.” 

dog gets toilet seat stuck on head
Gosia Zywicka Neto

When Neto came home, she noticed that Rocky wasn’t there to greet her and was immediately confused and suspicious. She headed upstairs and found that Rocky had somehow managed to lock himself in the bathroom. She quickly freed him — but when he emerged, she saw that he had also somehow gotten his sibling’s toilet seat stuck on his head. 

“I guess eating all the cat food made him so thirsty that he decided to drink from the toilet,” Neto wrote in a post on Facebook. “Unlucky for him, [the] small toilet seat was on top of the toilet and got stuck on his head. He panicked, trying to free himself and shut the door.”

dog gets toilet seat stuck on head
Gosia Zywicka Neto

As Rocky bounded out of the bathroom with the toilet seat stuck firmly on his head, he was a tad guilty and embarrassed that he’d gotten caught in the middle of his upstairs adventure. Nevertheless, he was so excited to see his mom, and it took her a while to get him to sit still so she could try and free him from the toilet seat. 

“It took me an hour to find a way to cut the seat as it was made of hard plastic,” Neto said. 

dog gets toilet seat stuck on head
Gosia Zywicka Neto

Finally, she managed to free Rocky from his predicament. He was incredibly thankful — but will probably still sneak upstairs and continue trying to eat the cat food as soon as his mom leaves the house again. 

“Hopefully he’s learned his lesson (but I’m almost sure he hasn't),” Neto wrote.

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