Dog Gets So Excited When She Hears The Ice Cream Truck Coming

Luna's in love 🍦❤️

This dog named Luna likes a lot of things — playing fetch, running on the beach, going on adventures. But there's something that she loves.

Luna loves the musical sounds of the ice cream truck approaching.

Niko Tanghe

Luna hadn't always shown much interest in music. It all began one fateful day when Luna got a delicious surprise one day on the street in front of her house.

She quickly became smitten.

"The ice cream man, a great animal lover, gave her a cookie," Niko Tanghe, Luna's owner, told The Dodo. "The second time, when she heard the song from the ice cream cart she already walked to the front door having made the association."

Now, hearing the ice cream truck is pretty much the highlight of Luna's day.

And it's easy to see why:

Luna is in love — always keeping an ear out for what's become her favorite sound.

Niko Tanghe

"She can hear the ice cream truck before we do," Tanghe said. "It is also purely the music that triggers her."