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Family Comes Home To Find Their Dog Got Stuck In A Pumpkin

"He was having a blast" 😁🐾🎃

From the moment Luke arrived in his home several months ago, it’s been his mission to cause as much trouble as he possibly can. 

“It is literally all day and night that he is getting into things he shouldn’t, I swear he knows what he shouldn’t have and goes straight for it,” Becca Ann Hoerner, Luke’s mom, told The Dodo. “Since we brought him home we have had to pick up all things plastic, metal, ceramic, brick, even concrete items because he will chew/carry around ANYTHING but a dog toy! On the first day we brought him home he was dragging a pipe wrench twice his size in the yard.” 

dog pumpkin
Becca Ann Hoerner

It seems to be Luke’s main goal in life to explore absolutely anything and everything, and at this point, his family is rarely surprised by his troublemaking. 

dog pumpkin
Becca Ann Hoerner

When Luke’s family recently went out to run some quick errands to get supplies for Canadian Thanksgiving, they left the dogs behind and figured everything would be fine. They were only gone for about 15 minutes — how much trouble could the dogs possibly cause in 15 minutes? 

Somehow though, Luke found a way. 

“We pulled up to the house and my husband ran the bags in, but quickly ran back out of the house in hysterical laughter,” Hoerner said. “He yelled for me to come into the house and the only information he would give me is ‘You gotta see this.’ I was immediately worried until I got to the door and Luke was there to greet me with a massive bobbly pumpkin stuck on his head!”

dog pumpkin
Becca Ann Hoerner

Everyone burst out laughing as soon as they saw Luke jumping around with the pumpkin on his head. He was definitely stuck — but actually didn’t seem to mind one bit. 

“Honestly I think he was having a blast,” Hoerner said. “He winds up with all kinds of things stuck to/on him on a regular basis. He was bouncing around just trying to make eye contact through the pumpkin's eye-holes!” 

The pumpkin was a decoration that had been sitting on a side table in the family’s living room, and apparently as soon as they’d left to run their errands, Luke had sprang into action and immediately found the pumpkin. 

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he was up on that table the very second he heard the car pull away,” Hoerner said. “The top of the decoration was chewed as well so I’m sure he had a total heyday while we were out!” 

It took a bit of maneuvering, but Luke’s mom was able to get the pumpkin off his head (after snapping a few photos, of course), but Luke didn’t seem to notice too much of a difference. He was just as excited once the pumpkin was off his head as he was when it was on. 

dog pumpkin
Becca Ann Hoerner

“Once we got the thing off his head, he behaved pretty well the same way as when it was on,” Hoerner said. “He was just excited to see us home and gave us a few ‘thank you’ kisses for saving his fuzzy butt from the evil pumpkin!”

No matter where he is or what he’s doing, Luke can have fun with anything, and his family can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he’ll get into next.

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