Dog Freaks Out A Little When She Sees Squirrels 'Inside' Her TV

"Now she sits in front of the TV and waits for me to turn it on.”

Meet Stella — a sweet dog with a bit of a squirrel obsession.

The golden retriever/Chow chow mix loves to sit on her back porch when the weather is nice and monitor her lawn. She especially watches out for any sneaky squirrels that might invade her space.

“Her favorite thing to watch is the squirrels,” Bronwyn Crawford, Stella’s mom, told The Dodo. 


But during the winter months, Stella spends less time outside and the squirrels tend to stay in their trees where she can't see them. While Stella has a stuffed squirrel toy she likes to play with, it just doesn’t give her the same thrill as seeing squirrels in the wild.

So Crawford and her partner looked for a new way to entertain Stella — and that’s when they found a TV show made just for her.

Dog watches squirrels on TV

Crawford put on a YouTube clip of "dog TV" and, immediately, Stella was captivated by the close-ups of birds, chipmunks and her beloved squirrels. Her parents were shocked by how well the video worked to entertain her.

“We put it on for her and saw how fixated she was,” Crawford said. “She never really paid any attention to the TV much before, so her reaction was so funny.”

Dog freaks out when she watches a nature show

It was as if Stella's parents had managed to bring the outside squirrels right to her. Now, the rescue pup can’t get enough.

You can watch the adorable video here:

“She sat there for about an hour, but even now she sits in front of the TV and waits for me to turn it on for her,” Crawford said. “I’ve also set her up in her bed with my iPad to watch it.”

Dog watches squirrels on iPad

Stella's parents are glad they've found something to make their pup's life even more enjoyable. "She’s brought so much love to our lives," Crawford said. "She is a very sassy dog."

Now, when Stella isn't napping, she knows exactly how to spend her time until she can patrol the yard again.

To learn more about Stella's adventures, you can follow her on TikTok.