Dog Figures Out Which Present Is For Her And Immediately Unwraps It

"She didn’t seem too ashamed, we all couldn’t stop laughing at the fact she found the toy.”

Hemi is a very loved dog, and is basically the princess of her family. She almost always gets everything she wants — and as Christmas approached, she decided she just couldn’t wait to open her presents. 

As Hemi snooped around the house, she finally found where the presents were hidden, and quickly began rummaging through the pile to try and find one that was wrapped up just for her. 

dog wearing pajamas
Kim Hutchinson

“The presents were hidden in our room covered with our kids' presents in the corner,” Kim Hutchinson, Hemi’s mom, told The Dodo. “She would [have] had to go through quite a lot to get to hers.” 

Somehow, even though it was wrapped, Hemi found one of her presents and stole it from the pile. She unwrapped it, and then hid with it so that she could play without her family knowing what she’d done. Of course, the toy had a squeaker inside, so it wasn’t long before Hemi was caught red-handed. 

dog steals toy
Kim Hutchinson

“We discovered it when we heard something come from the other side of the house so we went and looked and found Hemi with the toy in her mouth at the bedroom door,” Hutchinson said. 

Even though she wasn’t supposed to open her new toy until Christmas Day, her family wasn’t mad, and instead were just amazed that Hemi had somehow managed to sniff out one of her presents from the pile. She must have been very determined, very patient and very sneaky to pull off such a feat, and everyone was impressed with her mischievous handiwork. 

dog cuddling with dad
Kim Hutchinson

“She normally shows everyone her new toys but she didn’t this time, which is very odd for her,” Hutchinson said. “Once we found her she wanted everyone to play with it, she would throw it at everyone and squeeze it … She didn’t seem too ashamed, we all couldn’t stop laughing at the fact she found the toy.”

Hemi knows how loved she is and therefore knew that her family had wrapped up some Christmas presents just for her, and she just couldn’t wait to open them up and enjoy them. Even though she was a little naughty, she’s also so adorable and very smart, and her family wouldn’t have her any other way.

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