Dog Who Really Wants To Play Ball Puts It Somewhere She Knows Mom Will See It

So demanding 😂

Sydney has tons of puppy energy that she loves to use to play with her four human siblings and her parents. Her favorite activity in the whole world is playing catch with her ball, and she asks her family to throw it for her constantly. 

“She is obsessed with playing ball,” Liz Beauchamp, Sydney's mom, told The Dodo. “When daylight savings ended in November, we had to purchase the glow-in-the-dark ball so she could continue to play.” 

dog outside
Liz Beauchamp

One morning, Sydney was particularly energetic, and kept asking for her ball to be thrown over and over again as her mom tried to enjoy her morning coffee. Finally, Mom said no more ball for now — but Sydney decided this was unacceptable and refused to take no for an answer. 

“I stuck her ball under the throw pillow and said, ‘No more ball,’” Beauchamp said. “She whined and pawed at my hand but I tried to ignore her, hoping she would find something else to do.” 

But of course, Sydney did not find something else to do. Instead, she stole the ball back from under the pillow, and took matters into her own paws. 

cute dog
Liz Beauchamp

“She looked straight at me and dropped the ball in my still warm cup of coffee,” Beauchamp said. 

The coffee splashed everywhere, and yet Sydney was not ashamed. Instead, she nudged the coffee mug with her nose, asking her mom to please throw the ball already. 

ball in coffee cup
Liz Beauchamp

Once the rest of the family was awake, Beauchamp told them about Sydney’s coffee adventure. They were not at all surprised, and had the funniest response.

“‘Well,’ my husband said, ‘She is just a poor puppy. You should have thrown her ball,’” Beauchamp said.

Even though Beauchamp was really enjoying her coffee, she also enjoys Sydney's silliness, and couldn't help but laugh at the sweet puppy and her love of playing ball.