Dog Doesn't Understand Why His Favorite Cuddling Position Is A Problem

“He will stay there as long as you let him."

Graffiti has always loved to cuddle, but only on his own terms. If he decides you’re a friend (which usually doesn’t take long), he’ll gladly come over to snuggle with you on the couch — but the way he does it is definitely a little different.

dog cuddling dad

If Graffiti really likes someone, he’ll do what his family has nicknamed the “suffo-snuggle.” He climbs on top of them and wraps his body around their face and mouth — to the point where it can definitely be a little hard to breathe.

After a while, his family will get him down and encourage him to snuggle the regular way. Graffiti definitely doesn’t see why his favorite cuddle position is such a problem, though.

“He has been suffo-snuggling ever since we can remember, but it has increased in duration and frequency over the last few years,” Graffiti’s mom told The Dodo. “He will stay there as long as you let him, and you usually have to lift him up and set him down next to you to get him off.”

dog snuggling with dad

For Graffiti, he just wants to be as close to the people he loves as possible —and there’s nothing closer than being right in their face, right?

“He does it every day to his poppa,” Graffiti’s mom said. “Usually in the mornings and before bedtime. But sometimes when he wants attention or is feeling extra cuddly, he'll come up to you and make a weird ‘snook’ noise, which either means he has to go to the bathroom or he wants to cuddle.”

dog cuddling mom

Graffiti’s suffo-snuggles are how he shows he cares, and even though it’s a little weird, his family wouldn’t have him or his snuggles any other way.

You can follow Graffiti and his brother, Brady, on Instagram.