Dog Does A Double-Take When He Sees His Best Friend After 7 Months Apart

He couldn't believe his eyes ❤️

Seven months ago, Pablo Vergara Montoya left his native Colombia to live abroad in the United States. He was deeply missed, of course, by his family and friends back home — but there was someone in particular who felt Pablo’s absence the most.

His little dog, Gasper.

Unlike the people in Pablo’s life, who were excited for him about his adventures abroad, Gasper had no way of knowing where his best friend had gone. But though he was no longer around, for Gasper, Pablo remained ever-present in his heart.

However, they wouldn’t be apart forever.

Recently, one of Pablo's relatives decided to fly in for a visit. And she didn’t come alone. She brought Gasper, too.

Pablo met them outside the airport — and upon reuniting, little Gasper couldn’t believe his eyes:

At first, Gasper appears uncertain that it's Pablo as he approaches — but with a sniff, the joyfully familiar scent confirms that it is indeed really him.

The moment that Pablo and his dog reunited after so long apart wasn't an unforgettable one for the pair alone. Those who know them best couldn't help but share in their happiness. As Pablo mom told The Dodo:

"It was very emotional."