Dog DNA Test Reunites Senior Rescue Pup With Her Long-Lost Daughter

Together again ❤️

At 10 years old, this pup named Bella has been through her fair share of hardships. Earlier in life she’d been kept by a dog breeder, who, after forcing her to give birth to multiple litters, ultimately surrendered her once her fertility faded.

From there, Bella lived four years with several dog rescue groups, including Girls of Dog Rescue. It’s through them that Bella met her dad, Matthew David.

He saw through Bella’s sad past to see the pup she really is.

“Bella has had a lot of trauma. She has lots of scars, and has been bred. She was definitely bred a lot,” David told The Dodo. “But she is the most gentle, sweet and affectionate dog I have ever had.”

Matthew David

David and Bella have been together for two years now, and he’s ensured that this chapter of her life is more joyful than the first.

“She is a senior but still has a ton of life,” David said. “Over the last two years, we have gone on lots of adventures together.”

Still, David never forgot about how Bella’s sad past must weigh on her.

Matthew David

Throughout her life with the breeder, Bella gave birth to an untold number of puppies. And it seems certain that, despite being multiple times a parent, she wasn’t given much opportunity to be a mom. The bond she shares with her babies, however, remains unbreakable.

In hopes of better understanding Bella’s origins, David enlisted the help of Embark — a dog DNA testing service used to definitively a pup’s breed, and to reveal any known relatives who’ve also used the service.

And sure enough, Bella got a hit. That’s when David first laid eyes on Bella’s long-lost daughter, June.

Matthew David

David reached out to June’s owner and came to learn that she was likely no stranger to trauma, too. She'd been found as a stray dog and taken to a shelter, where her current owner adopted her. But while much of what happened in June’s life is unknown, it was certain she was Bella’s baby.

With that, David and June’s owner decided to arrange a reunion between mother and daughter.

“Bella doesn’t have too many more years left, and I thought it would be fun for her to meet her pup,” David said. “And perhaps as a way to heal from her past trauma.”

Here’s the moment Bella met her daughter after spending years apart:

Matthew David

David wasn’t sure how Bella would react — but she behaved differently around her daughter than any other dog.

“She will always just stay by my side when she is brought to a dog park or beach,” David said. “So it was shocking to me that she immediately engaged with June and showed a ton of interest, especially after she smelled her.”

June, who’s also described as shy, quickly warmed to Bella. Mother and daughter were like two peas in a pod.

Matthew David

It’s impossible to say for certain whether Bella and June could sense their relations. But David suspects they knew.

“Bella usually ignores other dogs, so her immediately engaging with June makes me think there was a special bond,” he said.

Matthew David

At the end of their playdate, mother and daughter parted ways. But unlike before, they wouldn’t live as strangers.

David and June’s owner have decided to make get-togethers with Bella and June a regular thing.

“It truly was fun seeing them interact. They got along really well and were very good to each other,” David said. “We plan on meeting again.”