Dog Demands Belly Rubs During Soccer Match After Storming Field With A Friend

"The whole crowd and teams all broke out laughing.”

This week, while attending a high school soccer match in North Dakota, sports journalist Zach Keenan suddenly found himself forced to report on a different type of story altogether.

Zach Keenan

In the middle of a heated game between Minot and Jamestown high schools, two furry figures unexpectedly appeared. They were a pair of happy pups, showing no hesitation about interrupting the game to run around and play.

“Nobody saw the dogs until they were on the field in the middle of the field!” Keenan told The Dodo. “The whole crowd and teams all broke out laughing.”

One of the dogs — the suspected mastermind behind the duo’s game-delaying stunt — even stopped to request a belly rub from one of the players:

After a few moments, the dogs continued on their way off the field before disappearing over a hill. Where the dogs had come from is anyone’s guess — but they certainly made an impression on the players and crowd.

“I think seeing two pup pitch-invaders was a first for everyone,” Keenan said. “It was actually a pretty big game between two of the best teams in the state, but it was so unexpected that it made everyone laugh.”