Dog Comforts Struggling Street Performer After No One Offers Him Any Change

"It was a moment of love and loyalty" ❤️

The other day, Wara Ricoo was looking out the window of his home in Colombia when he noticed something that made him pause.

There, busking at a busy intersection, was a street performer singing songs at a stoplight in hopes of getting a little money in return. But, sadly, things weren't going his way.

No one gave the man a cent.

Wara Ricoo

The man returned to the roadside after the light turned green, empty-handed despite his effort. But then Ricoo saw that the man, though struggling, actually had something far greater than money.

He had the love of a good dog.

Here’s that moment on video:

With the man was a little white puppy — and simply seeing him approach was all it took to make her tail wag. As Ricoo looked on from afar, their sweet embrace said it all.

“For me, it was a moment of love and loyalty,” Ricoo told The Dodo. “So much so that I went down to talk to him.”

He then invited the man and his dog upstairs for a visit.

Wara Ricoo

Ricco came to learn that the man’s name is Anderson. He's an aspiring artist who was down on his luck. Despite that, he was dedicated to keeping his dog, named Mayte, happy and fed.

Since it was something Anderson couldn't easily afford, Ricoo later arranged a trip to the vet for both Mayte and his other dog, Negrita.

“They are all healthy, thank God,” Ricco said.

Wara Ricoo

Ricco decided to do even more. He shared Anderson’s story on social media in hopes of helping the dedicated dog dad get back on his feet. 

He even booked him time in a recording studio so his music could finally find a welcome audience.

With Ricoo's help, that artist who once struggled to make a cent on the street has since amassed thousands of followers online. Now, things for Anderson and his furry family have never looked brighter.

Anderson called the help he, Mayte and Negrita have received a "blessing" — and it all started with a hug.

“I have faith that everything will change for the better,” Ricoo said of his new friends' future. “No matter what life hits you with, keep going and give it love.”