Guy Working On His Roof Turns Around And Sees — His Dog

He was so determined 😂

This is Ace — an adventurous dog who'll stop at nothing to remain at the center of his owner's attention.

Even if that means he has to scale to new heights to do it.

Vince Matteson

The other day, Ace's owner Vince Matteson decided it was finally time to take down the Christmas lights he'd set up around his house. So, he grabbed a ladder and climbed onto the roof — not imagining that he'd soon be joined up there by someone else.

Evidently, Ace thought Matteson could use some company.

"I was taking down the lights on the opposite side of the roof with my headphones in," Matteson told The Dodo. "Out of the corner of my eye, I see something, turn around and see Ace is on the roof! I was absolutely shocked."

Here's that moment on video — including security camera footage showing just how Ace had pulled it off:

At first, Matteson thought his housemate must have lifted Ace up there as a prank. But reviewing the security footage, he realized that Ace had gotten up there himself — scaling the ladder while his less adventurous sibling looked on in amazement.

"Ace is a wild, outgoing and no-fear pup," Matteson said. "He was just curious what his Dad was doing up on the roof."

Rather than wait and see if Ace would be able to get back down on his own, Matteson called to his housemate and handed the pup to him at the top of the ladder.

Here's how Ace got down:

Did Ace learn his lesson?


Vince Matteson

To finish the task, Matteson moved the ladder from the backyard to the front of the house, where Ace couldn't access it. Now that the dog knows how to climb, nothing else would stop him.

"He is curious, making sure there were no squirrels there," Matteson said. "He would do it again in a heartbeat."