Dog Checks Floor For Scraps Whenever He Hears The Word 'Oops'

Such a smart pup 😂

Heinz, named after the ketchup, is a pretty typical dog. He enjoys playing, taking naps, and, of course, food

“He's always been all about food, like most dogs," Karyn Dietz, Heinz’s mom, told The Dodo. “Thankfully he doesn't hover too badly when [we're] cooking, but often keeps a watchful and opportunistic eye on anyone eating, especially the kids.” 

dog sitting on kid
Karyn Dietz

Whenever there are people in the kitchen, Heinz is always on the lookout for fallen scraps he can quickly scoop up. What no one initially realized, though, is that Heinz is on food patrol even when he’s not in the room. 

One day, Dietz said the word 'oops' while she was in the kitchen, and suddenly Heinz came running and started diligently checking the floor. That’s when she started to notice a pattern. 

cute dog
Karyn Dietz

“I realized a few months ago that he is triggered to at least look up or to come check for food if I say ‘oops,’ ‘dammit’ or ‘shit,’” Dietz said. “He watches like a hawk when we eat popcorn.” 

Heinz has very cleverly realized that these words usually mean that mom has dropped something, and he’s always ready and eager to come investigate and help with the cleanup process if need be. 

Dietz has recorded Heinz running to the kitchen at the word 'oops' because it’s just so funny and adorable, and everyone who’s seen the video seems to think so, too. 

Karyn Dietz

“I set him up for this video because what actually happened moments before was I legitimately said 'oops,' and he came bouldering down from upstairs,” Dietz said.

Whenever Heinz hears the magic food words, he’s always right there. His family may need to come up with some new words for when they drop food — until Heinz inevitably learns those ones, too. His love for food just can’t be stopped.