Dog Caught Playing On Backyard Swing Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Day

Pure joy 😂

This is Tuba, a sweet dog who clearly adores her family. But there's something else her heart holds dear.

Tuba loves the swing — and she's not afraid to show it.

There's plenty of room to run, play and explore in the backyard Tuba shares with her sister, Tuna. However, in Tuba's mind, nothing beats the swing.

Rather than using it to swing back and forth, Tuba seems to have the most fun twisting and twirling — just like a little kid might.

Tuba's so into her swing, in fact, that other good-time options just can't compare.

To prove that point, here's footage from when Tuba and Tuna's grandpa stopped by. Though he was there to offer the pups some hearty belly rubs, only Tuna ran to his feet to receive them.

Tuba'd rather keep on swinging:

And if anything — or anyone — tried to get between Tuba and her swing?


Now this is more like it:

It's hard to say what attracted Tuba to the swing in the first place, but sometimes true love requires no explanation.