Dog Can’t Understand Why Tiny Human Won’t Throw The Ball For Her

“She treats her like her sister” ❤️

In the months leading up to the birth of her baby sister, Martina, this sweet dog named Luna was filled with joy and anticipation. It seemed she knew full well that she was about to get a new best friend and playmate.

Throughout the pregnancy, Luna would always insist on remaining by mom María Fernanda Osterling’s side.

“I was very curious to know if it would continue after Martina was born,” Osterling told The Dodo. “And I was pleasantly surprised.”

María Fernanda Osterling

As soon as Martina was born, Luna embraced her even more wholeheartedly than Osterling had hoped.

“She treats her like her sister,” Osterling said. “She protects her, takes care of her and lies by her side when Marti sleeps.”

But what Luna doesn’t seem to quite understand yet is that Martina has some growing up to do before the fun between them can really begin.

María Fernanda Osterling

The other day, Osterling noticed Luna walk into the room with her favorite blue ball in her mouth, the pup’s go-to signal to her parents that she wants to play fetch.

Rather than hand it to an adult in the room, however, Luna passed it to Martina — evidently unaware that tossing a ball is a tad bit beyond the newborn’s ability.

Here’s that moment on video:

Luna may have been a little perplexed that Martina didn’t quite pick up the cue, but she seemed more than happy to include that new tiny human in on the fun regardless.

“I was very moved because it showed me that Luna loves Martina, even though Martina still can’t show her the same yet,” Osterling said. “I know that Luna loves her very much and wants to be with her and play.”

Luckily, it won’t be too long before Martina is able to fully participate in playtime. For Luna, she’s well worth the wait.

María Fernanda Osterling

Seeing just how bonded Luna is to Martina already offers a happy glimpse into the lifetime of love and fun that awaits them.

“I’m sure that when Martina grows up, they will be great friends and sisters,” Osterling said. “The capacity that a little animal has to give us love is infinite. And Luna knows how to express it very well.”