Determined Dog Breaks Through Fence To Play With Neighbor Kids

He'll wait for them all day ❤️

Meet Duncan — a pup who likes having the best of both worlds. The 2-year-old Boston terrier has a family and home of his own, but he recently discovered he could play with the children who live in the house next door.

Now, the pup will do anything to see his favorite playmates.

A black and white dog looks through a screened door.
Brianne Fritts

“He started digging at and pushing on the loose boards in the fence pretty much right away,” Brianne Fritts, Duncan’s neighbor, told The Dodo. “He does it anytime our three kids are in the backyard.”

Eventually, Duncan broke a slat in the fence and began his regular visits with the Fritts family.

A dog looks through a fence crack.
Brianne Fritts

“He was over [here] daily for over a month,” Fritts said. “He whines for us to come out and play, and we play with him a few times a day.”

Fritts’ children even made Duncan his own bed to sleep in when he visits, since he’d been spotted napping on their property.

A small dog lays in a bed on the porch.
Brianne Fritts

“He goes back on his own once he figures out we are in for the night, or when his owner calls him to eat,” Fritts said.

You can watch Duncan’s determination to see “his” kids here:

Luckily for Duncan, Fritts’ children don’t mind when they get a visit — especially since they’ve always wanted a dog of their own.

“This was a perfect friendship to help them to see what having a dog entails,” Fritts said. “We had a daily routine of freshening his water, cleaning his messes, playing with him, working with him on commands and spoiling him with treats.”

A boy plays with a small dog through the fence.

“We basically have a dog without having a dog,” Fritts said. “They love it and love him.”

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