Dog At Baseball Game Surprises Fans By Catching Home Run Ball

He was so proud ⚾️

This is Dodger — a baseball-loving dog who has a particular affinity for the team he was named after, the Los Angeles Dodgers. The sweet pup loves going to games with his dad and usually spectates on the sidelines, but recently, he landed himself in the spotlight just by following his instincts. When a home run ball flew into Dodgers' section at a spring training game, everyone around him scrambled to recover it, but he was the only one who came away with the prize.

You can watch him catch the ball here:

Dodger was already having a good time at the training game against the Kansas City Royals when the seventh inning came around. On the plate, Dodgers prospect Michael Busch hit the ball out of the park and towards left field, where Dodger was watching with his dad. Everyone around him jumped up to catch the ball as soon as they realized, but Dodger had no idea what was going on — he was just happy to be there.

A few seconds later, Dodger saw the baseball bouncing towards him and, by instinct, he lunged towards before scooping it up into his mouth.

Dodger was just starting to wrap his mind around his unexpected prize when he looked up and saw everyone cheering him on. As soon as he'd grabbed the ball, the crowd erupted in a celebratory roar.

"Did the dog catch that?" one of the announcers exclaimed. "Well, how 'bout that!"

Dodgers' dad, who wore a similar jersey to his, jumped up in victory over his dog’s catch.

Dodger already considers himself the team's good luck charm, since he has a streak of attending winning games, but this moment solidified it. Dodger really is a lucky pup, and, this time, he was champion.

The playful pup has attended plenty of Dodgers games before, but this one will always be special.

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