Kind Dog Helps Friend Who's Afraid Of The Water Play Fetch

"When Charlee stands and whines in the water for a stick, Yuma doesn't hesitate.”

Even though they can be pretty different at times, Charlee and Yuma have still been best friends from the very beginning. 

“Charlee is my mom's golden and Yuma is ours, but Charlee comes for a few weeks at a time to hang out,” Darcy Michael, Yuma’s dad, told The Dodo. “Both have their opinions, but really, they just want to hang out together and get as dirty as possible.”

dog best friends
Darcy Michael

When the pair are hanging out together at home, Yuma is the queen of the toys. Once she’s claimed one, there’s no way she’s giving it to Charlee. When they’re outside near water, though, everything changes. 

Charlee has never liked swimming. She’s not a big fan of being wet in general, actually. Mud, she’s all for. Water, not so much. 

dogs running
Darcy Michael

Whenever someone tosses a toy into the water or Charlee sees a stick floating around, she desperately wants to go and grab it, but just can’t bring herself to swim out to it. She just stands there looking longly out at it — until Yuma comes over, swims out and gets it for her. 

When Yuma first started retrieving things from the water to give to Charlee, her family couldn’t believe it. Yuma normally has to keep all of the toys for herself, which makes what she does for Charlee even sweeter. 

Darcy Michael

“Yuma is very much the alpha,” Michael said. “What Yuma wants, Yuma gets — which makes her doing this so much more weird. At home she'd never give up a toy for Charlee — if anything, she barks anytime Charlee has a toy. But when Charlee stands and whines in the water for a stick, Yuma doesn't hesitate.” 

dog stick
Darcy Michael

Yuma can seemingly tell how scared Charlee is to go in the water and how much she wants to retrieve the sticks anyway — and Yuma just wants her best friend to be able to have as much fun as she does. So, she goes and gets her the stick or the toy or whatever it is. 

dogs stick
Darcy Michael

Occasionally, Yuma will go back to her instincts and keep the toy for herself. She is a dog, after all. For the most part, though, she shares with Charlee because she loves her so much, and no matter how many times she does it, it continues to warm her family’s hearts.

“It's just so sweet. You can't help but think, ‘We don't deserve dogs,’” Michael said.

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