Dog Accidentally Makes The Coolest T-Shirt For His Owner

Magical 🤩

Tori never thought her dog, Apollo, had any artistic abilities, but when she recently left him alone for a few hours, he proved her wrong.

The 6-year-old pittie does have a few other talents. “He can also sit, shake [and] catch a dog treat tossed 2 inches in front of his nose with about 70 percent accuracy,” Tori, who asked that her last name be omitted, wrote on Reddit.

Dog spills bleach on mom's shirt

But one of Apollo’s most favorite things to do is drink out of the toilet. Apollo will try to sneak a drink anytime his mom’s back is turned — and while it’s not Tori’s favorite habit, it did help Apollo create something beautiful for his mom.

I had a pile of laundry on my bathroom floor, and there was a spray bottle of bleach cleaner sitting nearby,” Tori told The Dodo. “When I left the house to run a few errands, I closed the door to the bathroom like I normally do, but it didn't completely latch.”


Once Tori left, Apollo pushed the door open to drink from the toilet and accidentally knocked over the spray bottle, which leaked onto a pile of clothes. Bleach can be poisonous to pets if ingested and can cause irritation on their skin — depending on its strength. 

Luckily, Apollo was far more interested in the toilet water and didn't notice the bleach.

Dog creates an awesome design on a shirt with bleach

When Tori discovered the bleach-stained clothes, she loved Apollo's design.

Dog creates t-shirt design with bleach

“The T-shirt happened to be crumpled in a way that it got that cool design on it,” Tori said. “A few of my other clothes got some minor stains on them too, but Apollo was fine.”

Tori will not be asking her dog to make another design in the future, but she loves the artwork he inadvertently created for her and wears her cool, new T-shirt with pride.