DNA Test Reveals The True Identity Of 'Mystery Animal' Rescued By Police

The results are in!

Late last month, officers from the Dallas Police Department in Texas came to the rescue of a young animal found cowering all alone near a dumpster. She’d been saved — but the discovery soon gave rise to one big question.

What species was she?

Dallas Animal Services

Though she was clearly a canine, the animal’s new caretakers at Dallas Animal Services couldn’t say for certain if she was a dog or a coyote.

There was also a possibility, given her appearance, that the pup was a hybrid of both.

Dallas Animal Services

In order to know for sure, Dallas Animal Services performed a DNA test on the mystery animal, whom they named Toast. The results would determine how best to care for her.

And, sure enough:

“Toast is a DOG! As we suspected, she turned out to be a beautiful little mutt,” Dallas Animal Services wrote in an update. “Her DNA results showed she is: 42% German Shepherd. 38% Siberian Husky. 20% Australian Cattle Dog."

Dallas Animal Services

With that revelation came the knowledge of what to do next — and that was to find Toast a loving forever home. News of Toast being a dog available for adoption sparked more than a little interest online.

"It took about five minutes before she got the max number of applications!" Dallas Animal Services wrote, adding later that the attention paid off: "Toast was adopted!"