Mama Deer Hears Human Baby Crying And Comes Running To Help

So sweet ❤️️

Hanna Burton was hanging outside on her deck with her newborn baby when he started to cry and fuss a bit. She was comforting him and rubbing his back — and suddenly scooped him up into her arms and held him close. 

Another mama nearby had heard the baby crying and came running to help. Burton was immediately in awe because the mama in question was actually a mama deer. 

The deer heard the baby crying and seemed to think that he was actually her baby. She started running towards the deck to comfort the little guy, then stopped in her tracks when she saw Burton, and was definitely a little confused. 

“This is my baby,” Burton said in a video of the encounter.

The deer watched Burton carefully, starting to realize that she’d made a mistake and the baby wasn’t hers and didn’t need her help after all. Still, it was so sweet to see the mama deer come running to make sure everything was OK.

“Hi, Mama,” Burton said. “She thinks you’re her baby.”

Even though the mama deer’s help wasn’t needed, it was kind of her to check, just in case — and there’s no doubt she’s a wonderful mama to her own deer babies.