Days-Old Baby Snuggles Inside Rescuer’s Shirt As She Races Him To Safety

It was the best way to keep him warm ❤️

Karenlynn Stracher’s days never lack excitement. The Long Island wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator can often be found racing against time from one rescue mission to the next, helping animals all along the way.

Recently, Stracher heard about a days-old baby found struggling in a local park. Already on her way from one call to another, Stracher made a detour so she could grab the little one. Arriving at the park, Stracher didn’t think twice — she grabbed the baby and nestled him inside her shirt. Then she hopped back in the car.

baby squirrel inside shirt

“I do this often,” Stracher told The Dodo. “Skin to skin comforts them, and keeping the baby warm is crucial.”

The frail pink baby was an orphaned squirrel who’d been displaced from his family. Stracher knew he was probably hungry. She raced home, where she already had plenty of squirrel formula.

baby squirrel eating

According to Stracher, baby squirrels like this one need to eat about every two to two and a half hours around the clock. They also need help going to the bathroom. At this stage, babies like this one can’t even open their eyes.

baby squirrel on red carpet

At about 6 weeks old, Stracher will begin introducing the baby to soft solid foods. At 7 and a half to 8 weeks, the baby will try crunchy foods. Eventually, this little one will grow strong enough to eat on his own. Once this happens, Stracher will begin interacting with him less and less. Stracher doesn’t want her rehabilitated squirrels to imprint on humans. In fact, she wants them to become scared and wary of her. This means they’re ready to return to the wild.

Stracher will care for this squirrel until around mid-July, when he’ll be released back outside and begin a life on his own. Big and brave, this rehabilitated rescue squirrel will scurry into the sunlight, off into the grass and trees, where he belongs.

To help other animals like this squirrel, make a donation to Karenlynn Stracher.