Dad Runs With Disabled Dog To Help Him Have Fun During Playtime With Siblings

This is love ❤️

Often, the best way to experience joy is to bring that feeling to someone else.

Just ask this very dedicated dad and his special needs pup named Canelo.


Recently, TikTok user Jooseline shared a video of her father’s sweet routine with their dogs, including Canelo, who has hypertrophic osteodystrophy. The disease can lead to limited mobility, making it difficult for dogs like him to run and play. 

“He can't exert much effort because it hurts,” Jooseline wrote.

But rather than leave Canelo feeling left out, Jooseline’s dad found an adorable solution — he carries Canelo in his arms, lending his own legs so the pup can keep up during playtime.

“My dad lets him enjoy the time as much as the others,” Jooseline wrote.

Canelo may not be able to put into words just what this means to him. But seeing the pup's smiling face, and the smile it brings to his dad's in return, it couldn't be clearer that Canelo's happiness is thanks enough.