Cat Waits For Dad To Come Home Every Day To Help Her Do A Big Stretch

"She will follow Callen wherever he goes if he doesn’t do it" 😂💕

Daisy can be a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people, but she’s super cuddly with the people she’s close to, especially her dad. She’s always loved snuggling up with her dad whenever he’s around, and recently, the pair accidentally created the cutest routine

“Ever since Daisy was little, we noticed that she would always reach for the sky when you pick her up,” Sydney Honeycutt, Daisy’s mom, told The Dodo. “Of course we thought this was adorable! But after seeing some posts on TikTok about helping your cat stretch by pushing underneath their arms when they lift them, Callen decided to try that with Daisy when she would raise her paws!”

cat cuddles dad
Sydney Honeycutt

Daisy’s dad thought it would be a cute, fun thing to try — and had no idea just how much Daisy would end up loving it

Now, every day, Daisy waits for her dad to get home so that he can help her stretch. She’s always so excited to see him and participate in their new routine, and her dad is more than happy to comply. 

“Every time Callen comes home, Daisy waits on our chair closest to the door for him to greet her and give her a stretch,” Honeycutt said. “It’s always followed by a ‘Ooooh big stretch’ from either Callen or I. Daisy does get excited for it! She anticipates it any time Callen walks in the door.” 

Sydney Honeycutt

Now that the stretching has become a part of their daily routine, Daisy has absolutely no desire to stop doing it anytime soon. She doesn’t get mad if her dad forgets, but she definitely makes sure to hold him accountable.

“She doesn’t get upset if it doesn’t happen, but she will follow Callen wherever he goes if he doesn’t do it and wait for him to finally do it,” Honeycutt said.

Daisy and her dad love their new routine so much. It’s the sweetest way to show just how much they love each other.