Dad Gets His Own 'Cone Of Shame' So Dog Doesn't Feel So All Alone

They're in this together ❤️

This is Ollie — a very good dog who has no reason to feel ashamed.

And he has a friend to let him know it.

Good Boy Ollie

The other day, Ollie underwent a minor surgery that left him with a few stitches. Afterward, he was fitted with a protective collar — commonly known as the “cone of shame” — so the wound could heal without being disturbed.

This, of course, wasn’t a welcome new accessory for the pup.

“Ollie was just really sad with the cone on,” Alex, Ollie’s owner, told The Dodo. “He just moped around and was feeling really sorry for himself.”

Good Boy Ollie

Seeing Ollie feeling a bit alone and down about having to wear the cone, Alex’s dad decided to try to ease the dog’s mind by joining him in his cumbersome circumstance.

He found another cone the family had in storage and put it on himself.

When Alex went to find Ollie and her dad, this is what she saw:

“I just laughed and called my mum to come and see, too,” Alex said.

But they weren’t the only ones to have their spirits lifted by Dad’s sweet gesture.

“Ollie definitely seemed a little happier,” Alex added.

Fortunately, for both Ollie and Alex's dad, the cones were just a temporary thing.

Good Boy Ollie

Ollie has since had his stitches removed and was given the OK to ditch that "cone of shame." Alex's dad, of course, followed suit — his empathetic actions having helped Ollie along in his recovery while giving Dad a better understanding of what the pup had been going through.

"Ollie's doing great. His stitches have healed nicely," Alex said. "They’re both cone-free now. Ollie only had to wear it for a week. My dad only lasted a few hours!"

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