Cyclist Sees Puppy Dumped On The Roadside — Then Changes His Life Forever

"Fate wanted Lorenzo to be here with us."

Earlier this month, Pablo Villamayor and his wife were on a bicycle ride along a quiet stretch of road in Paraguay when something caught their eye.

In the distance ahead of them, they watched as a vehicle pulled over to the side of the road and tossed out a small bag into the brush. The vehicle then sped away.

Villamayor and his wife had no idea that what they’d witness would go on to change their lives.

Pablo Villamayor

As the couple neared the spot where the vehicle had stopped, they saw what was in the bag.

“We realized that it was a dog,” Villamayor told The Dodo. “He emerged from the bag and came running toward us, crying. We stopped.”

Turns put, Villamayor and his wife had been in the right place at the right time to save a life.

Pablo Villamayor

Fortunately, the puppy appeared to be in good health. So, rather than call for help, Villamayor decided to save the little dog himself.

He secured the puppy to the handlebars of his bike, and together they peddled to safety.

This, however, was just the beginning of what would be a lifelong journey.

“We decided to adopt him,” Villamayor said. “We named him Lorenzo. He is now at home with us. He’s happy.”

The abandoned pup had found the perfect family.

Pablo Villamayor

For Villamayor, it’s unimaginable why anyone would dump a dog like trash on the roadside. But thankfully, he and wife were there to see it — and recognize it was actually a treasure.

“I felt sick seeing the cruelty of people,” Villamayor said. “But we were lucky to have found him. Fate wanted Lorenzo to be here with us.”