Snowy Photo Of Dog Accidentally Goes Very, Very Wrong

Not a cute look 😂

Dewey is a super playful, goofy, expressive dog who loves playing outside in every season. While water is definitely his favorite, he’s also a big fan of snow, and always finds a way to make the best of any kind of weather.

“One time, he escaped our yard in the dead of winter, and my mom found him playing in the frozen river near our house,” Sadie Swicker, Dewey’s family member, told The Dodo. 

dog playing outside
Sadie Swicker

One winter day, Dewey’s family took him over to a huge snowy field where he could run around and play. He was so excited and immediately started zooming all around. As Dewey played, Swicker thought it would be fun to try and capture some shots of the picturesque scene. The snowy field seemed like a great candidate for a panorama shot — until Dewey decided to get involved. 

“If you've ever taken a panorama, you know that if a moving object goes through it, the object will look morphed and disfigured — sometimes it just looks weird, but sometimes it looks comical,” Swicker said. “This is what happened when Dewey ran through the photo.” 

As soon as Dewey passed through the shot, Swicker knew it wasn’t going to come out quite as planned, but she had no idea just how hilarious it would actually be. 

funny dog
Sadie Swicker

“When I saw it, I had to do a double take,” Swicker said. “It literally looks like a Photoshopped two-legged, yellow snow animal — it was the most perfect panorama gone wrong.” 

Dewey was so excited to run around in the snow that he couldn’t help but run right through the photo, and ended up helping his mom create something pretty fantastic. 

Swicker decided she couldn’t keep the photo to herself because it was just too great. She posted it online to see if everyone else found it just as hilarious and wonderful — and of course, they absolutely did. 

dog plays in snow
Sadie Swicker

“I had a suspicion it would get a lot of attention, but it got more than I anticipated,” Swicker said. “My favorite comments are ones like, ‘I was having a really bad day and this just made me laugh and smile.’ It's apparent that this wholesome, strange photograph of a dog has brought a lot of people some big laughter — and that makes me happy.”

Dewey’s energy and love of snow resulted in something that made so many people laugh and smile, which is perfect, because that’s exactly what Dewey is all about.