Crowd Goes Wild After Fox Decides To Storm The Field During Football Game

“He’s got a story to tell his crew.”

Recently, Arizona State faced off against USC in a heated game of college football. But the highlight of the evening really had nothing to do with sports.

That honor goes to a fox.

YouTube/Ding Productions

About 12 minutes into the first quarter of the game, the wild animal stormed onto the field — bringing the action to a halt.

How he’d gotten in is anyone’s guess, but as the fox explored the stadium (including a quick tour of the stands), the crowd couldn’t help but cheer at the surprise appearance.

Fortunately, as quickly as he’d entered, the fox eventually departed — making his way out of the stadium all on his own amid the roar of the cheering spectators.

The wild animal's moment in the spotlight was brief, but it was something neither the audience nor the fox will soon forget. Or, as one sports announcer put it:

“He’s got a story to tell his crew.”