Crowd Erupts With Laughter As Playful Dog Refuses To Leave Fountain

“I don’t think she was sorry.”

The other day, Anina Castilla Pelaéz and her dog, Vela, decided to visit a friend’s café near their home in Ourense, Spain. It’s a dog-friendly establishment where Vela is always more than welcome — despite that, however, the pup soon made other plans.

Anina Castilla Pelaéz

Seeing that the leash she was wearing was momentarily unguarded, Vela made a break for it.

“There she goes running!” Pelaéz told The Dodo.

Fortunately, Pelaéz knew exactly where to look for her.

Anina Castilla Pelaéz

In a small square around the corner from the café stands an ornate fountain full of cool, clear water. And, sure enough, Vela loves to swim.

By the time that Pelaéz arrived to the spot, her pup was already inside — splashing and swimming as a crowd watched in delight.

“He looked like a little boy!” Pelaéz said. “I was feeling a mixture of joy and shame.”

Vela’s unauthorized swim technically ran afoul of the law, so Pelaéz tried her best to coax her out. But the sopping-wet pup hardly made it easy:

In the end, having needed to hop into the fountain herself, Pelaéz was finally able to get Vela out and on her way.

“She left very happy because people were cheering her on,” Pelaéz said. “I don’t think she was sorry.”

Thankfully for Vela, the fountain isn’t her only option when it comes to cooling off.

Anina Castilla Pelaéz

“She loves the water,” Pelaéz said. “She won’t hesitate to jump into the fountain again when she gets the chance.”