Cow Loves Sneaking Into House Whenever Door Isn't Locked

"He did get in a few months ago and made it all the way to my bedroom and woke me up.”

Sven the cow was raised with six dogs, so most of the time, he seems to think he's a dog just like his siblings. 

“He is incredibly intelligent and he loves treats and being brushed,” Nicole Fredericks, Sven’s parent and a licensed vet tech and wildlife rehabber, told The Dodo. “He loves cuddles but they have to be on his terms.” 

cow and dog
Nicole Fredericks

Sven lives on 9 acres as a part of a great big rescue family which includes dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, pigeons and a parrot. With so many animals, things can definitely get a little chaotic sometimes, and of course, Sven loves to add to the chaos by trying to sneak inside the house whenever he gets the chance. 

cow and dogs
Nicole Fredericks

Sven isn't supposed to go inside because he tends to slip on the floors and could end up getting hurt. In order to keep him and the rest of his siblings safe, Sven stays outside — but occasionally, he likes to test his luck. 

“Anytime the door is open longer than a few minutes he will make a break for it,” Fredericks said. “Cows are super, super curious animals (worse than cats) and when he was a baby he was sick for a few days and lived in my laundry room for a while so he was used to being inside. He rarely makes it inside anymore because I make sure to lock the doorknob.” 

cow in the house
Nicole Fredericks

Fredericks was in the house recently when they suddenly realized they hadn’t closed the door all the way, and immediately knew what was about to happen. Sure enough, within seconds, Sven wandered past, casually making his way through the house. 

Nicole Fredericks

Luckily, Sven loves treats, so Fredericks was able to lure him outside again without too much trouble. Of course, it definitely won’t be the last time Sven tries to break in. He’s very curious and very determined. 

“I usually laugh if he makes it inside and just grab some treats to bribe him back outside before any damage is done,” Fredericks said. “Cows are very food-motivated so he normally walks right out for a cookie. He did get in a few months ago and made it all the way to my bedroom and woke me up.” 

cow giving kisses
Nicole Fredericks

The rule may be that Sven isn’t allowed in the house, but he doesn’t care. He’ll keep trying forever, and Fredericks will keep laughing and luring him out again with cookies, never really minding because they love Sven so much. 

cow getting kisses
Nicole Fredericks

“I don't think he has any aspect of ‘I shouldn't do this’ the way a dog might,” Fredericks said. “If they want to do something; they just do it!”

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