Couple Watches In Awe As Squirrel Starts A Family Outside Their Window

“It was so heartwarming" 🥰

One morning, about three months ago, an unexpected visitor appeared outside the window of Alex and his girlfriend’s upper-story apartment in France. It was a squirrel — and in her mouth was a stick.

The squirrel placed the stick down on the window sill and ran off. A few moments later, returning with another.

“Our reaction was: 'What is happening right now?'” Alex told The Dodo. “Why is a squirrel putting sticks at our window?”

But the answer soon became clear.


Turns out, the squirrel was in the middle of an adorable construction project. She was building a nest — and Alex’s window sill evidently seemed like the perfect site for it.

When she finished, the squirrel settled in. And in the weeks that followed, Alex, his girlfriend and their cat, got an up-close look at the squirrel's daily life.

“We felt so lucky to witness her every day,” Alex said. “We saw her sleeping in the sunlight. We saw her smelling the air when she woke up — everything she did. And we had the chance to see it in an intimate way.”

As the months passed, Alex and his girlfriend documented the squirrel’s activities on video and posted the footage to TikTok.

But as cute as it was to watch her, she wouldn’t be alone for long.

Alex recently shared this montage clip of the squirrel at their window over the months — and the moment they met her new family:

“It was so heartwarming and brought us so much joy,” Alex said.

As much as having the mother squirrel and her babies there delighted Alex and his girlfriend, they knew it wouldn’t last forever.

Before long, the babies grew up enough to explore the world on their own — and the whole family moved on from the window.

But they left plenty of heartwarming memories in their place.

Alex says that he and his girlfriend, when they're out and about town, will be keeping an eye out for the squirrel who built her nest at their window, and the babies they got to watch grow up — having a gained a new perspective on their adorable lives.

“We definitely came to feel love for them,” Alex said.