Couple Notices Ball Of Hair In Trash Can — Then Realizes It's An Animal In Need

They didn't expect the hair to move ...

Recently, a pair of homeowners in Long Island, New York, were cleaning up after a party when they noticed a strange ball of hair nestled in their outdoor trash can.

Stooping over to get a better look, the pair realized that the fuzz belonged to a possum who’d likely jumped in the can looking for a snack and was then trapped with no way out.

possum in trash
Karenlynn Stracher

In need of some expert assistance, the homeowners contacted local wildlife rescuer Karenlynn Stracher. Surveying the scene, Stracher wasn’t surprised that the possum had wandered into the trash.

“This is actually a common situation,” Stracher told The Dodo. “Often animals are hungry and smell leftover food in the garbage from outside the garbage pail. They are able to find things to climb on to get in, but once inside, it’s much harder to get out."

possum in trash
Karenlynn Stracher

Since possums are nocturnal, they have very poor eyesight in the daytime. Stracher worried that removing the possum in broad daylight would hinder his ability to get to safety. Instead of taking the possum out, Stracher knew the best option would be to leave him in and gently tip the trash can on its side. That way, the possum could leave when he wanted, once it was dark.

“I explained this to the homeowners, who were happy to allow him to stay until he left on his own,” Stracher said.

The following morning, Stracher was thrilled to hear that the possum was gone. Out of the trash and into the wild, this possum is back where he belongs.

To help other animals like this possum, make a donation to Karenlynn Stracher.