Couple In Drive-Thru Spots Lost Dog With Something Dangling From Her Neck

They were heartbroken by her owner’s response.

The sun was starting to set in San Bernadino, California, earlier this month when Jaina and Ivy Spagis pulled into their local coffee drive-thru for a treat. They heading to the window when a large furry animal suddenly crossed their path.

The driver slammed on the brakes and watched as a gray and white dog dashed across the drive-thru, seemingly lost and scared. The couple locked eyes with the dog then glanced down at the object dangling from her body.


“We found this poor girl in the Starbucks drive-thru with a sweatshirt tied around her neck,” the couple, who founded Cats of San Bernardino rescue, wrote on Instagram.

The pup, whom they later named Bette Davis, looked frantically around the parking lot as if searching for her family. Spagis and her wife tried to approach Bette, but she kept her distance at first. Moments later, the pair of rescuers closed in on the pup, and she instantly rolled over for belly rubs.

You can watch that heartwarming moment here:

The rescuers patted Bette’s head then gently grabbed ahold of her collar. They led her to a safe area, away from cars, and gave her a cup filled with whipped cream. Bette slurped down the Puppuccino while her new friends worked on untying the sweatshirt, initially believed to be a pair of pants, from around her neck.

When she was finally freed from the sweatshirt and finished with her whipped cream treat, Bette jumped into the couple’s car. They drove her straight to the vet, where they discovered her microchip. When they called the number on the chip, they learned the heartbreaking truth about her past.

“We were able to contact the owner today and found out that he moved away and couldn’t take her,” Cats of San Bernardino wrote. “We asked if he wanted her back, and he said, ‘No.’”


The couple looked down at the pup, whose bright blue eyes were filled with love and gratitude. They promised the sweet girl an amazing life and began searching for her perfect forever home.

As dedicated cat rescuers, the Spagis’ house is equipped to shelter many felines at a time. But they never planned on rescuing dogs, so they weren’t quite ready to take Bette in when they found her. Thankfully, a kind foster family took her for a week while the couple created a dog-friendly space in their home.


Bette Davis reunited with the couple a few days ago, and she’s feeling so much better since her rescue. She’s still on the hunt for a forever home, but with applications already pouring in, she should secure one soon.

In the meantime, Spagis and her wife will continue to shower Bette Davis with the love she deserves and remind her how lucky they feel to have found her in the drive-thru that day.

“[She’s] our beautiful doggie rescue,” Cats of San Bernardino wrote on Instagram.

To help pets like Bette Davis get the care they need, you can donate to Cats of San Bernardino here.