Couple Gives Brother A Onesie To Tell Him They're Pregnant — But He Thinks It's For His Cat

Best mixup ever 😂😍

When a couple found out they were having a baby, they wanted to figure out fun ways to tell the people in their life. For their brother, they decided to tell him by gifting him a onesie — but the sweet gesture didn’t exactly go as planned.

When Zach opened up the gift, he was immediately so excited. He started yelling and carrying on, but not because he realized he was going to be an uncle. He was super excited because he thought the onesie was for his cat.

Zach quickly started looking around for his cat so he could dress her in the onesie as the couple watched, laughing hysterically. He didn’t understand what was so funny, though. In true cat dad fashion, he was just excited to dress his fur daughter up in the cutest little outfit.

Finally, his brother told him it wasn’t for the cat — and everything clicked.

Zach was just as excited to learn he was going to be an uncle as he was when he thought the couple had gotten him a cute onesie for his cat. The couple posted the video on TikTok, and everyone agrees that this is definitely the cutest mixup ever, and honestly, both outcomes are pretty perfect.

Once the excitement died down a bit, a few facts remained: Zach is going to be the best uncle ever, and he absolutely needs to get the baby and his cat matching onesies.