Couple Finds Unsettling Proof That Someone Else Is Living In Their Home

"We were caught off guard ..."

A few weeks ago, Zach Dailey and his husband started to have a sneaking suspicion that they weren’t the only ones to call their Southeast Texas residence home. It all began one morning while Dailey was making breakfast.

After reaching for a loaf of bread in the pantry, he noticed that several bites had been taken out of it. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

“I obviously knew then that we had a problem,” Dailey told The Dodo.

Getty Images/Victoria Pearson

Suspecting that an animal of some sort had moved into their place, Dailey and his husband decided to set out some non-lethal traps. But after a week, the uninvited houseguest had still managed to elude them.

“We figured the creature was probably bigger than the traps,” Dailey said.

With that, the pair got creative. To get a better sense of what kind of animal they were dealing with, they placed a slice of pizza on the floor surrounded by a sprinkling of flour — a way to capture the mystery animal’s footprints as he went in for a nibble.

Zach Dailey

Turns out, their plan had worked. But the creature in their house had a bigger appetite than the couple first imagined.

“We were caught off guard when the entire slice was gone the next morning,” Dailey said.

Zach Dailey

Once again, the mystery animal was nowhere to be seen — but he did leave behind a scattering of paw prints.

Zach Dailey

Dailey consulted an online forum for clues about the owner of the little prints, though the results were inconclusive. Most people who chimed in seemed to agree, however, that they belonged to a rodent of some kind.

Whoever it was, he now had a taste for pizza.

Zach Dailey

From there, Dailey decided to purchase a larger trap in hopes of solving the mystery once and for all. It was also important for the couple to not injure whoever it was living in their home.

“We wanted to give the little guy a chance to live, just not in our house,” Dailey said.

A few days later, the animal proved to be more elusive still. The food inside the trap had been eaten, but the trap was empty.

Zach Dailey

Undaunted, the couple set out the trap once again — and this time it worked.

Inside, the sneaky culprit had finally been nabbed.

Zach Dailey

At long last, Dailey came face-to-face with their unwelcome housemate. He was a woodrat (also known as a pack rat), a rodent species native to North America.

The woodrat had an impressive run sneakily snacking around the house, but his freeloading days were over.

“It took about two weeks in total from discovering the problem to catching him,” Dailey said.

Zach Dailey

The couple had no hard feelings for the rat and wished him no harm. So, they decided to relocate him to a more appropriate new home.

“We drove to the other side of town, nearer to where we work, and released the little guy in a field,” Dailey said. “He hopped away. It was very cute.”

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Thus ended the weeks-long tale of the mysterious someone living in the couple's home. It had been a wild ride — one they won't soon forget.

"We were laughing the entire way through this saga. We'll continue to laugh about it for years to come," Dailey said. "It is definitely one for the memory books."