Couple Is Surprised To Find The Tiniest Hitchhiker Riding On The Front Of Their Car

“I don't think he realized there were humans inside his ride.”

G and her boyfriend had just arrived at the grocery store and were sitting in their car in the parking lot discussing what they were going to buy when suddenly, they realized they weren’t alone.

A little mouse was hanging out on the front of their car, and the couple was shocked to realize he’d been there the entire drive and they somehow hadn’t noticed him.

“He seemed like he was just chilling, exploring the windshield and hood area,” G (who asked that her full name not be included) told The Dodo. “I don't think he realized there were humans inside his ride.”

mouse on car

The drive to the grocery store only took about five minutes, so luckily, the little mouse hadn’t been along for the ride for too long. Regardless, he seemed to be totally OK and was just enjoying the view from his sweet new ride.

“When I saw him, I was mostly just stunned,” G said. “I come from the city, so seeing wildlife up close is always interesting to me, and rodents don't scare/bother me. I found him quite adorable actually.”

The couple realized the mouse must have been riding in the inner workings of the car somehow, which is why they hadn’t spotted him before. Once the car stopped, the mouse had apparently decided to check out the destination and decide whether or not he wanted to stay awhile.

“He seemed to have crawled up from a compartment under the windshield wipers below the hood, but it was separate from the engine compartment,” G said. “We opened the hood later and checked the nooks and crannies for a nest, but didn't find anything, so the mouse probably wasn't in there for very long before we drove to the store.”

mouse on car

Even though he’d survived the drive, the couple was still worried about the little mouse and his well-being and wanted to get him somewhere safe. G remembered she had some reusable grocery bags with her and decided to use one of those to help relocate the little guy.

“I'm not sure if I just got lucky or if my hidden talent is being a mouse whisperer, but he ran right into the bag,” G said. “Maybe it seemed like a good hiding place after being out in the open up on the car. I held the bag shut with my hand and took him over to a wooded area near the parking lot but away from the road, walked several meters in so he wasn't released on the edge and put the bag down on its side. He popped out, sniffed around a little, then got spooked when he saw me and dashed into the undergrowth.”

Apparently, the mouse hadn’t realized there were humans around at all and was a bit surprised when he saw G. He thought the car and then the grocery bag had just magically taken him to a wonderful grassy oasis. Still, he seemed grateful for the help. The mouse made it to his destination safely, and now the couple will no doubt be on the lookout for more little hitchhikers in the future.