Couple Buys New House And Finds Heartbroken Dog Tied To Tree In Their Yard

"We are going to make her life so good" ❤️

This is Molly — a 10-year-old pit bull who suddenly found herself abandoned in her own backyard. Tied to a tree, Molly waited days for her first family to come back, but they never did. The heartbroken pup was starting to lose hope when someone special showed up.

Molly’s always been a loyal dog, but, unfortunately, her first family couldn’t reciprocate that same love back. When they sold their house to a young couple, the family drafted up a list of items they wanted to keep, and, sadly, Molly wasn’t one of them.

“They just didn’t want her,” April Parker, the new owner of the house, said in a TikTok. “They wanted their bee hive and tractor but not her or the cat.”

As part of their closing agreement, Molly’s family left her and her cat sibling behind. They let the cat free-roam in the yard, but left Molly tethered to a tree.

Parker and her husband rushed to the house after closing to check on their new pets and found a sullen Molly lying in the middle of the yard. She seemed withdrawn at first, but as soon as Molly saw Parker, her tail started wagging.

“We are going to [make] her life so good,” Parker wrote on TikTok. “She will never be left all alone tied to a tree.”

Parker freed Molly from her leash for the first time in days, and the sweet girl was beyond excited. After spending so much time outside alone, Molly could sense that she finally had a family who loved her.

Molly had never met Parker or her husband, but she was smitten with the couple instantly. As a thank-you for rescuing her, Molly accompanied her new parents everywhere they went.

“She’s sticking to our side,” Parker wrote in a TikTok. “She won’t stop following us around. it’s so sweet.”

Parker tried to find the roaming cat after rescuing Molly but had no such luck. She left out some food and water in hopes of luring the cat back to the house, then took Molly inside for some much-needed TLC.

First, Parker and her husband gave Molly a warm bath. The two parents didn’t know how their new pup would react to being bathed, but, surprisingly, her demeanor stayed just as calm as it was before.

“[She] seemed a bit scared but relaxed overall,” Parker wrote on TikTok. “ I’m sure she feels better!”

After her bath, Molly couldn’t help but get a serious case of the zoomies. As she zipped around her living room, tail wagging at lightning speed, the pup’s new life started falling into place.

With Molly settled into life in her old house with her new family, Parker tried, yet again, to befriend the cat who’d been left behind, too. The cat was skittish, but she slowly started warming up to Parker.

“The cat is coming around!” Parker wrote on TikTok. “I fed [her], and [she] was very affectionate.”

Parker knew that it would take time to befriend the cat, but she was more than willing to go at the cat’s pace. Slowly, the cat started warming up to Parker but still refused to go inside the house.

While Molly’s cat sibling preferred to stay outside, Parker had two indoor cats of her own, who took to their new sister almost right away. Molly was nervous around Parker’s cats at first, but, before long, they were her new best friends.

One night, while Molly trembled in fear during a thunderstorm, one of her cat siblings, Joofus, sensed that the pup was distressed. Without any prompting, Joofus jumped onto the bed to comfort Molly. After a few reassuring kisses, Joofus curled up right next to Molly and stayed by her side until the storm passed.

“It was the sweetest thing,” Parker wrote. “They got snuggled up, and Molly went to sleep.”

In addition to cuddles, Parker discovered something else that Molly loved: car rides. During her first car ride, Parker turned around to find Molly smiling from ear to ear.

Molly’s been on cloud nine since her new family moved in. As a 10-year-old pup, Molly didn’t think that she’d get a second chance at life. But, luckily, the perfect family found her just in time, and her days have been filled with joy ever since.

Finally, Molly’s found her happily-ever-after.

“Molly is going to have the best life!” Parker wrote on TikTok. “She’s just so sweet.”

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