Cops Use A Knife-Wielding Drone To Save A Tangled Pigeon

A job well done 👏👏👏

The life of one pigeon in the world might not amount to much for some people, but it means everything to her.

Lucky for this little bird, she found people who agree that it's well worth saving.


Dramatic footage has emerged from the city of Barranca, Peru. In it, a pigeon is seen dangling from a power line, her legs having somehow become entangled in a length of string.

The bird had ended up stuck high overhead with no obvious way for anyone to reach her. But rather than ignore her predicament, this pair of local police officers decided to get creative.

They attached a utility knife to a drone, enabling them to reach the pigeon and cut the string that bound her.

Here’s that rescue on video:

The method used to free the tangled pigeon may have been a tad unconventional.

But it got the job done.


Despite her ordeal, the pigeon appeared to be in good health after the officers cut the string from around her feet. Still, she was then passed to an animal rehabilitator for monitoring, just to be sure.

It's unclear how much longer the pigeon would have survived dangling from the overhead line had rescuers not intervened that day — but they did, and that made all the difference.