Construction Workers Call For Backup When They See A Face Trapped Between Rocks

“He was affectionate and tired.”

A few months ago, a construction crew was working in Valley Center, San Diego, when they heard strange cries coming from a pair of boulders nearby. Confused, the crew members followed the noise and were heartbroken to find a puppy trapped between the rocks.

puppy trapped in boulders
Facebook/County of San Diego - Government

The crew members hastily called for backup. Soon, a group of San Diego County Animal Services personnel and Valley Center firefighters were on the scene, determined to get the pup to safety.

First, rescuers tried lifting the dog out using a rope. When that didn’t work, they used soapy water in an attempt to help the dog slip out from the rocks. Eventually, after over an hour of hard work, the grateful puppy was free.

“He was affectionate and tired,” a representative from the County of San Diego Public Safety Group told The Dodo. “The officer let him ride in the cab of the truck, and he cuddled next to the officer’s lap on the way to the shelter.”

rescuers with puppy
Facebook/County of San Diego - Government

The dog was taken to a San Diego Department of Animal Services shelter in Carlsbad, where he was given the name Snack and evaluated by medical staff. Once the pup regained his strength and received a clear bill of health, he was put up for adoption. Very soon afterwards, Snack’s forever family saw him and knew he was the one.

Facebook/County of San Diego - Government

Snack’s finally living the life he deserves with his new family, and, with any luck, he’ll be avoiding rocky areas from now on.