Company's 'New Employee' Steals Lunches During His First Day On The Job

"He sat there until they were almost gone.”

This week, an installation crew from American Plate Glass was out on a job site in New Hampshire when an unexpected "new employee" decided to join their ranks.

He’d shown some admirable initiative, yes — but his work ethic left more than a little to be desired.

American Plate Glass

Business owner Mindy Stark Scott was back at the office when she got a FaceTime call from one of her employees at the site. He’d called to let her know that a would-be crew member had commandeered their work vehicle, streaming video of the scene to Scott.

“I say, ‘Is that a bear? Is that a freaking bear?’” Scott told The Dodo. “None of us could believe a bear was lounging in the truck.”

With one arm cooly resting out the window, the bear appeared to have taken on a supervisory role, keeping a watchful eye the operation — but it was all a ruse. In reality, he was stealing the workers’ lunches he'd found inside the cab.

“There were two lunch boxes sitting between the seats,” Scott said. “The bear popped the top off and pulled out a bag of nuts and berries. He sat there until they were almost gone.”

During his first day on the job, the bear had committed among the worst of workplace faux pas.

Eventually, with a few waves of their hands in front of the truck, the real employees were able to shoo the bear away without incident.

“He jumped out of the truck and went about 50 feet away and took a nap,” Scott said. “My crew continued to work for the day. The bear was like, ‘Thanks for the snacks.’”

American Plate Glass

Amazingly, aside from the pilfered food, the bear left behind no damage at all: “Not even a scratch,” Scott said.

Upon reviewing the bear’s work performance that day, however, American Plate Glass’ owner couldn’t quite justify keeping that new employee on. But, interestingly, it wasn’t for his lack of doing any actual work or even the theft on the job.

“He was out of uniform, so we had to let him go,” Scott said.